For the last 4 weeks I’ve done a barbell competition.  None this weekend, but the following is travel to Auckland, NZ for the World Masters weightlifting championship.

Old Guy Games

The game I’m  playing is to set records in my age and weight in as many different barbell record keeping organizations as I can get to.  With all the variants of powerlifting there are more events than I can possibly enter.  One meet per week is my limit.  State Illinois state records, national records, international records too, when the admit age 80+ as an age group.  Not all do.  For weightlifting, my only real chance is at age 85 and that will require some improvement in actual weight snatched and jerked.

Small lapse

Yesterday I missed first place in a meet because I relaxed a bit before completing the press.  The bar went a little forward on the way down and I had to step before it returned to shoulder level. In general, many times our lives are changed by momentary lapses.


There is a certain comfort in knowing that the human race is flawed and it is not my own fault that things are such a mess.  Remember it was progress that got us here.

End of Modern Civilization

Yes, we are polluting our environment, fouling our nest.  Fundamentally incapable of avoiding multiplication, and not willing to pay the long run cost of our survival.  It is coming fast, too.  I have seen a tripling of the human population, a vast loss of arable land, and reliance on a non sustainable food production system.  The Naked Ape is proving to be an evolutionary dead end.


Rules are needed for there to be a game, so why complain when the rules are enforced?  In powerlifting, it seems that whenever someone disagrees with a rule, another sanctioning organization is formed with a slight rule variant.  I don’t know how many variants of powerlifting there are, but more than the number of old guys participating.


Obamacare is a poor substitute for a universal single payer system like Medicare, but it is better than what came before.  Do I want to pay for maternity benefits? Yes, because I want to live in a country where everyone has access to healthcare.


I exercise everyday.  Some days more than others.  I have a routine of very light static stretches that are aimed at improving hip mobility.  Two days a week I do an hour of weightlifting.  Once a week an hour or so of powerlifting. That hour might take all day if it is also a powerlifting meet.  It seems the hardest thing about a powerlifting meet is missing my usual naps.  There are no napping rooms at meets.  Sigh.


Fred, my high school coach and history teacher used to say, “Aw gee class, Wars do not end wars.”  As I recall there was always a question on his tests, something like: True or False “Wars end wars.”