The Human Species seems unable to do the logical things required to its own reservation.  It fouls its own nest.  It seems to ignore pollution and even call the causes progress.


When automation replaces humans, there will be enough stuff, but who gets it?  Work no longer matters, just ownership.  Not a stable situation.


Contradictions are impossible in the real world, at least that is what we logicians believe.


If I can do a weightlifting total of 106kg in 2022, I will exceed the current record in my age and weight.  Seems a worthwhile goal.

Road to Top

For Master weightlifters, here is a program for reaching a championship.  Show up to the competition healthy, leave the competition healthy.  You see, Masters Athletics are games of attrition.  Be the last one of your age, you will surely win.

Logic Fails

If A then B is true if A is false.  Uninteresting but true.  Once you accept a lie as truth, you are in for trouble with its consequences.



The full cost of our modern civilization includes millions of sick and hungry people.  We have not yet  figured out how to attribute the full costs to individual products, so these costs need to be shared by everyone that benefits from modern civilization.  That is, the haves need to taxed to pay for those costs. Seems to me each persons share in the costs is a percentage of their wealth.