Hate would seem obsolete in modern civilization.  It is more likely to be the end of all of us than the preserver of some of us.


Wars do not solve problems, wars create them.  The drums are beating again.  Wars need enemies, enemies must be evil.

No Thinking

The rules ended were the security police were called to remove the passenger.  Trouble is, no one thought about what then.  Now we know.  The security police might tear the customer apart.  Definitely not good pr.


I’m going to avoid UA in the future, seems UA rules permit bumping seated passengers to accommodate staff travel needs.  Rules even permit use of bully airline security to rip passengers apart, if necessary, to get them off the plane.

No More War

Humans, I suppose, will not survive much longer.  It won’t only be war though, sickness and hunger will be there too.

True Cost

Watched the documentary, True Cost, on Netflix.   Interesting, but couldn’t make it to the end.  Will stop buying meet tee shirts, though.  And look for organically grown cotton when buying clothes.


Day 77, Trump bombed Syria, an act unrelated to protecting the US or it’s interests.  Pure distractions from his domestic failures.


USAW the weightlifting sanctioning organization considers me 80 all year long.  If I can get just a little stronger in the next five years, I will set national levels for age 85.  I’ve been getting better over the last three years since beginning to compete, so it is possible.